1944 - Ferrando Gaia and his wife Silvia founded a small import/export firm supplying precious stones to the goldsmiths of Valenza. This brilliant intuition would soon become a leading production and commercial enterprise.

1950s - 
The firm founded by Ferrando Gaia grew rapidly as it was operating in the most important goldsmith hubs in Italy: Valenza, Vicenza and Arezzo, becoming one of the leading companies in the goldsmith trade in Italy.

 - Gaia SpA started to process precious stones at their factory in Rho, near Milan.

1970s - 
In 1970 Gaia SpA bolstered its industrial activities by specializing in the production of high quality zircon cubes of small dimensions with totally robotised production processes.

1985 - Gaia SpA specialized in the trading of South Sea Pearls. Gaia participated in the most important international auctions which were open to only a few select buyers, and also developed independent direct purchases from pearl cultivations, thereby securing the best prices. Photo on the right: Paolo Gaia, son of Ferrando, at an international pearl auction.

1990 - An exclusive assortment of cultured pearls was gradually created, with pearls ranging from 10 to 20 mm in diameter, of various shapes from round to oval, with drop pearls and the charming baroque shapes. 

 - The experience developed over the years by Gaia in the field of pearls gave rise to UTOPIA, a brand for fine jewellery with South Sea and Tahitian pearls, where Italian design merged with high quality raw materials: pearls, gold, diamonds and precious stones. From the very first collection, “Legato”, Utopia met with huge national and international success.

2010 - Under the guidance of Anna Gaia, granddaughter of the founder, UTOPIA today has twelve high-end collections and has become synonymous with style, design, creativity and luxurious elegance.