Masterpieces to wear

The exclusive nature of Utopia jewellery is the result of the whole process of its creation, from the designer's original idea, to its definition and on to the development of the entire collection.
Different sources of inspiration, attention to detail and care in the choice of materials, and the hand of an expert goldsmith, make Utopia jewellery a unique expression of precious elegance.

Just like the Unique collection - a clever union of Italian craftsmanship and creativity. One-off pieces of great value that are a true pleasure to wear.
Each piece of jewellery needs a long creation process: the selection of pearls and precious stones of various shapes and colours, the determination of the most harmonious combination, the simulation and creation of a completely hand-made custom setting.

The uniqueness of the pearls and the exclusiveness of the design give Utopia jewellery both charm and an unmistakable identity.