One-off Pieces

New frontiers of creativity

Utopia's workshop of ideas is in a continuous state of fervent creativity - this is what gives rise to one-off pieces, original expressions of luxury and creativity that are produced in limited editions.

Jewellery created around pearls of rare shapes and dimensions, or jewellery whose uniqueness may stem from a particular design or colour combination.
The pendant with diamonds that embrace a special Jumbo pearl. The Unique line, the expression of a wish to create a fabric made of pearls, a perfect, embracing, extravagant and fascinating surface. Rings and earrings that are unrepeatable for the rarity of their pearls.

Accessories and other objects that are reinterpreted in the UTOPIA style. Utopia's product offering could not fail to include a frivolous item: the “caviar set”, a design piece that is made up of a plate in the shape of a pinctada maxima oyster and cutlery made out of 925 silver, mother of pearl and quartz.

UTOPIA's one-off pieces of jewellery are destined to serve as an experiment, studded with pearls and precious stones in a wide range of shapes and colours, opening up new frontiers in the world of luxury.