Pearls are organic and resistant gems, but as they are precious they must be handled with care.

A few simple suggestions:
Avoid pearls coming into contact with objects with metal edges or much harder precious stones, in order to avoid scratching them.

Handle your pearls with care: wrap them or place them in a small bag of silk, cotton or chamois before putting them away.

Do not expose pearls to hair spray, cosmetics or perfume.
caring for pearls
caring for pearls
Do not wear pearls in the shower or in the bath, while swimming or while practicing sports.

Do not clean pearls using chemical or abrasive products.

Pearls that are threaded on a silk or nylon string can be washed delicately in a weak solution of neutral soap and water, and dried with care immediately.

Thread your pearls with a knot between each pearl in order to prevent losing them in case the string breaks, and also to avoid the pearls rubbing against each other.

Strings of pearls should be rethreaded every year.

It is recommended that you seek the advice of your jewellery before cleaning your pearls.