philosophy of Utopia
The word Utopia comes from the Greek “U” and “topos”. It is a “non-place”, represents an ideal, unique philosophical dimension, the result of the best human efforts. Symbolically, it is an island where a perfect existence is possible.

Utopia jewellery come to life in our Milanese atelier as the result of a long process and experimentation. The design is closely linked with the italian aesthetic intuition.

Each piece of jewellery brings with it its universe of inspirations: nature with its shapes and colours, art, architecture and design in history.

Utopia was born from the desire to reinterpret the jewellery with pearls, giving every woman the opportunity to wear them in an unconventional way, freeing themselves from the classic concept of pearl.

philosophy of Utopia
philosophy of Utopia
“There is a constant challenge to create unique, precious, modern jewellery that is in line with the times. Dreams that interpret the desires of a contemporary, refined femininity and its new lifestyle. The Utopia collections express feelings and emotions, the same emotions we feel in imagining and creating them for you. Pearls, as women, have a soul and each one is different from one another. We want this uniqueness to come alive in our collections.”

Anna Gaia – Utopia