italian jewelry
It was October 2, 1996 when Paolo Gaia, guided by the desire to reinterpret pearls in a contemporary way, created the Utopia brand in Milan, as the ultimate expression of the deep knowledge of pearls and precious stones for over 65 years in the goldsmith world.

With immense passion and under the guidance of Italian goldsmith masters, Utopia has developed over the years collections with a well-defined personality, always faithful to the original values of the brand.
Values ​​that are handed down from father to daughter: Anna and Paolo share a contemporary vision of the pearl, pushing the boundaries of modern design ever further. Together they pursue a bold project, where the most excellent Italian goldsmith tradition blends with innovation.

Their desire is to enhance pearls, play with the colors of the most precious gems and experiment with new material combinations and ultimately understand the desires of an evolving female universe.
italian jewelry