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Utopia design is intricately linked with Italian aesthetic intuition, expressed in a refined and elegant style. The exclusive nature of UTOPIA collections stems from clean lines and a strong personality, the work of a team of designers specialized in the goldsmith’s art.

The world is a source of inspiration for shapes, colours and sounds. Stealing the show are the most precious raw materials: pearls, precious stones, diamonds and gold.

A combination of innovation and high quality make Utopia collections a beacon of Italian fine jewellery.


Anniversary earrings in white gold South Sea pearls and diamonds
Utopia jewellery is entirely hand made in Italy by master goldsmiths, with precious materials that have been carefully selected by qualified gemmologists. Pearls, sourced from protected cultivation environments, are left intact as Nature made them, without any artificial treatment. Diamonds come from legitimate sources that are not involved in funding war conflicts.

All items of Utopia jewellery bear the company’s trademark, an identification code and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 
Precious materials that light up each and every single creation.


Night Fever ring in rose gold South Sea pearls and diamonds
Since its origins, Utopia presents both timeless classic collections as well as contemporary jewellery, with a refined and casual style, to wear everyday.

Versatile jewels, suitable for the current lifestyle, interpreters of informal elegance. Reinterpreting the great classics of jewellery, precious jewels come to life with pearls, coloured stones and diamonds, to be handed down from generations to generations.

With its most modern lines, Utopia meet the taste of the contemporary woman, sophisticated but, at the same time, free from an outdated concept of elegance.


Unique Brooch in white gold, coral, South Sea pearls 18 mm and diamonds
Utopia’s workshop of ideas is in a continuous state of fervent creativity – this is what gives rise to one-off pieces, original expressions of luxury and creativity that are produced in limited editions.
Jewellery created around pearls of rare shapes and dimensions, or jewellery whose uniqueness may stem from a particular design or colour combination.

Utopia’s one-off pieces of jewellery are destined to serve as an experiment, studded with pearls and precious stones in a wide range of shapes and colours, opening up new frontiers in the world of luxury.


TAILOR-MADE JEWELLERY Unique Bracelet Gallery Collection South Sea pearls diamonds
Utopia offers a jewelery customization service, which arises from a specific need to create one’s own sketch, even starting from a proprietary gem. Jewels made on your request, characterized by the ability to interpret the dream of every person who wants a jewel born from their own idea or emotion.

An important event or a gift to a special person; your jewel becomes a symbol of a moment or a bond. Creating a personalized jewel remains a once in a lifetime experience.

To design your jewel, please contact us: