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Given the characteristics of its niche product, UTOPIA is loyal to the concept of exclusive distribution and collaborates with a number of selected retailers.

With the benefit of many years of experience, Utopia is eager to create important and lasting partnerships.
For this reason it provides a range of distinctive and customised support services for retailers.
Support for retailers in the form of merchandising materials, shop window designs, concept corners, and events created specifically to address the retailer’s requirements.
Sales support through training sales personnel, including training on the brand and on South Sea pearls.
educational pearls


Utopia organizes training courses for partners who are interested in expanding their knowledge of South Sea pearls and the Utopia collections. It also cooperates with partners to organize seminars on pearls for their retail customers.
Utopia does all this in order to increase awareness of the quality, rarity and beauty of these gems of the sea.
Utopia display


The customization of available exhibition spaces and the creation of secluded settings that reflect the brand image is of strategic importance. This is why UTOPIA provides original, refined material for window dressings and has developed an innovative “concept corner” to create spaces where jewellery is the centre of attraction.

The modern elegant lines of the UTOPIA corner can be adapted to any space in a retail outlet, to become a visual and emotional focal point, both for Utopia jewellery and for the shop itself.

A warm welcome into the world of UTOPIA.
Utopia packaging


How do you wrap up a dream? UTOPIA packaging is as close as you can get to no packaging at all: how can a utopia be kept under wraps?

The packaging is actually transparent, like seawater. It is made out of plexiglas and it looks almost non-existent so it doesn’t detract from the visibility and appreciation of the packaged jewellery.
The gems are placed on a shantung silk cushion of a soft colour that complements and highlights the lustre of the pearls and the colours of the other precious materials.


Utopia cooperates with retail partners to organize special events created to specific requirements, and takes part in exhibitions, events and inaugurations of new outlets with sneak previews of its collections.
The company supports shared communications initiatives for advertising the Utopia brand together with that of the retail partner.