Since its origins, Utopia has set itself the goal of bringing a young audience closer to pearls, luminous gems of the sea, setting them at the core of innovative and original jewels. Now the brand embarks on a new venture: reinterpreting the classic pearls necklace. Thus, the collection Utopia Instant Classic Pearl Strands is born.

The expression Instant Classic is borrowed from the automotive sector where it is used to indi-cate unique models that acquire historical value as soon as they leave the factory, becoming cult objects, immediately disputed by collectors worldwide.

Utopia Instant Classic Pearl Strands are spectacular interweaving of color, in South Sea pearls that shade from pure white to black and intertwine creating a modern and intriguing play of colors.

Each necklace is unique, it has its own story, none is the same as the previous one. Each necklace narrates the world of the woman who chooses it and will make it hers forever.